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Over 20 Exercises For The Three Gluteal Muscles

Yoga glute exercise

As with any routine, be sure to warm up prior to performing the exercises. Some may find a need to release some of the

tension with some stretches afterwards. Or, if you prefer to hold the muscular tension for muscle development, minimize the stretching during the cool-down period.

Develop the full anatomy of your gluteal muscles for functionality and balance; exercises are included here to develop a glute routine to cover all of the butt muscles.

"BUTT" WAIT! THERE'S MORE! (pun intended) For those of you interested in learning more about your glutes, read on:

Focus on activating the glutes

Developing full muscles that activate all components of its anatomy is an important aspect when living life and in other performance activities as well. Therefore, we need to focus on the functionality of it before we expect the exterior to look the way we think it should. Additionally, when the buttock muscles are excessively weak, imbalances in the body can occur because other muscles, such as the quadriceps and hip flexors, pick up the “slack” (no pun intended), and therefore must work harder.

Squat highlighting the glutes

Anatomy of the Gluteus

Before we start with any exercises for your buttocks, let’s first look at the anatomy of the glutes.