Spring 5 Fitness Plan Ideas Into Action Now! Build a Better Life! YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View, WI

Give yourself permission to put your physical health and well-being on the FRONT BURNER (a.k.a., not the back burner). Your life depends on it! Here are 5 Simple Ideas to get you going:

Start Deliberately & Incrementally

This is generally referred to as starting safely, slow, and in increments. Progressive Incremental Change allows for the body to adapt to the different activities and “loads” of exercise you will be providing your body. This would include gradually increasing the length of time and intensity of your chosen activity or activities. You may even want to talk with your doctor before you begin an exercise program, if you have any health conditions or symptoms or if you haven’t been physically active in a while. Remember, exercise should not cause you severe pain, so ditch the idea of “no pain, no gain”. There is a concept of On-set Muscle Soreness where you may not feel the effects of exercise to your body until up to 24-48 hours after the activity. Therefore, if you try to work at a maximum capacity, you may find you took your body too far and now you cannot perform your exercise routine. Completing a Warm-up and Cool Down each time you exercise may assist in mitigating body effects. Although research is a bit mixed from studies, the common denominator shows the need for a transition from a hard start and stop, particularly if your body is new to exercise.

Pay Yourself First-Align with Your Physical Self

It can be said that wellness is an issue of mind over matter. But there’s a greater truth: Once you know the truth that Woman/Man does not live by mind alone, half your battle is already won! To live only in your mind without moving or executing physical activity of your body breaks down the natural vitality and health of your body. We were given bones and muscles and many other synergistic pieces of apparatus by the natural order of Life to move our bodies. If we are only using it at it bare minimum, we are not living up to the full potential of our life span for the mind-spirit-body connection. Therefore, it is imperative to find some kind of action to reinforce, regenerate, and reward what we have been given by moving it. This is about finding the time to Pay Yourself First in providing your body and essence what it needs for Life. Better to build up this reserve vs. waiting until you are forced by ailing health and diminished vitality to make a change where deconstructed energy needs to be repaired and reconnected with damaged parts.

Make a Plan/Goal/Commitment