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Add the Best Value to YOURSELF- Private Training/Coaching -- YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View, WI

YOU.Better! Studio. Personal Training Support

A regular exercise program is beneficial on many levels. The way a sizeable portion of the populace enters into this realm is through joining a group class. While a place to start, confusion and discouragement can set in, particularly for novices or beginners. Trainers often hear clients complain “I can’t lift a weight,” or “I’m just not flexible” when they catch a glimpse of a few fit looking people pumping iron like a champ, limber folks squeezing into pretzel-like positions, or others performing headstands at the beginning of class. That burst of confidence you had felt in taking that class or paying for that gym membership appears to slip away. Your energy and confidence wanes, leaving you in a bad position to participate at your best both physically and mentally.

Setting up private sessions with a personal trainer, coach, instructor, or whatever the name du jour is for this service, can assist you in overcoming discouragement in many ways:

  1. Boosting Confidence

  2. Individualized/High Value/Time Saving Services

  3. Transferable Skills

  4. Privacy

  5. Proper Body Focus

Boosting Your Confidence

A private instructor will specifically encourage your process and help you understand the mechanics of what you are doing from lifting weights to performing an exercise to mastering a Yoga pose. Most importantly, they will help you with improving an incorrect mental process that may be causing more barriers than you even realize, thus, boosting your confidence inside and out. The art and discipline of being in your physical body—what we can call exercise or fitness—is an internal and external process, where you work from where you are now toward “You.Better!

YOU.Better! Studio. Believe in Yourself.

Individualized Services/High Value & Time Savings

The bottom line personally, monetarily, and organizationally is this: you are paying to get out of the session exactly that which you need for that particular time. In choosing a coach who has a variety of modalities in their wheelhouse, the value of the service increases in that they have the agility to provide you weight training, yoga, massage, etc. It may also mean that a focused 30-minute session, for example, zeroing in on your needs only, cuts your workout time in half. Additionally, these sessions promote more consciousness, or sometimes what we call “incentive or push,” to get the most out of the training. What you do during your personal coaching time is applicable to your situation.

YOU.Better! Studio. Relax. Yoga. More Fit. More Life.

Transferable Skills to Last a Lifetime

The right private instructor will give you valuable information that is tailored to your body and individual needs to develop your skills. This expands your ability to experience yourself in a deeper place, provide you with “a ha” moments, and enhance your physical and mental performance for everyday life, to name a few. These insights and techniques are also transferable to improve your performance and participation in future group classes and other life activities.

Sharing Your Personal Challenges Privately

YOU.Better! Studio More Fit. More Life. No Matter the Body Type.

Group classes can be fun and motivating from a comparative perspective. However, group classes may be challenging for an individual to provide and/or approach the instructor with personal information about themselves. Even if you do get a chance to share, the instructor may not be able to help you modify movement throughout the entire class because of the volume of students.

Proper Form and Body Function/Mechanics

Learning how to fully engage your body to get the most from the movement, exercise or pose, in the proper form, is important to your optimal physical outcome and to keep you safe from injury. Going into classes with students at different levels of ability, stamina and physical stature may lead you to participate without proper alignment. If you are unable to see the instructor, you may look to other class members who are utilizing incorrect movements or movements that are inappropriate for you in that moment, thus increasing the likelihood of potential injury and improper form for your body. Private sessions give the student customized coaching to assist you for your body shape, functionality, and mechanics, with tips to keep you in good form for optimal performance and safety.

In conclusion, whether you are a beginner starting out or an experienced exerciser who is looking to step up to the next level (and beyond) or move/push through stagnation, consider the value-added service of Private Instruction. In the words of Jim Rohn: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

YOU.Better! Studio. We work with you and have many energy and connection modality answers such as Personal and Group Training, Nutrition, Reiki and Meditation, Energy, and Chakra strengthening regimens to maintain, enhance, or rehabilitate energy, and Life and Career Coaching for You.Better! Email us at info@youbetterstudio, call us at 414-939-4996. You are also encouraged to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Innovatively Ignited for Life by Energy!

YOU.Better! Studio. More Fit. More Life.

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