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Simply put, respiration is the action of breathing. From a biological perspective, it is the process by which a living organism produces energy; basically it is the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from oxidation. To round out our understanding, from a physiological view, oxygen is transported to the cells within tissues and, in return, carbon dioxide moves in the opposite direction.

Consequently, it is obvious that this is a very important aspect in the process of living. It is equally important in the life living experience of an exercise routine to effectively activate this process for the nourishment of energy it provides to life.

The essence of good body development or training is to start by going deeper than just trying to work muscles. It is an identification and unfolding of getting to the core of that which muscles need to function properly. One aspect is proper breathing, hence, providing the appropriate development of muscles to support this process.

The muscles involved are numerous, generally starting with the thoracic cavity for inhalation and exhalation. While the diaphragm is most commonly known as the major muscle for breathing, many auxiliary or supporting muscles are involved, such as the intercostal muscles that line the rib cage, as well as many neck, back, and chest muscles. Remember there are non-breathing types of activities that range from preventing acid reflex to vomiting, to name a few.

Do not overlook the important aspect of always breathing properly and incorporating it effectively into your fitness regimen for overall health and vitality of life. While

breathing is autonomic (automatic) or unconscious, breathing effectively and maximizing your capacity involves consciously breathing during your workout until the effective pattern becomes so finely tuned, it is your new autonomic process.

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