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Strength Gains In Less Time Via Body Sense -- YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View, WI

Body Sense can enhance our Workouts Simultaneously Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Continuing on the theme of our last article about “thinking differently," adding conscious, directed thought intention into your physical practice can enhance your physical activity outcomes. As we have had the pleasure to serve a variety of clients, common feedback in our discussions has been for them to feel more connected with their physical being. An increasing number of folks find themselves wanting to keep physical fitness in their lives for not only the obvious physical, health or cosmetic appearance reasons. They actually report that they feel separated from themselves when they have not taken efforts or attention to providing their bodies physical attention through exercise, nutrition, and basic conscious effort activities to avoid the chaos of disassembling what they know as their state of living/being. This is particularly the case when one has come through the “dis-ease” of a medical diagnosis (such as cancer) leaving individuals to feel their body has been hijacked to the point where they don’t even know who they are anymore.

Physical Fitness activity is one way to reconnect through numerous forms ranging from sprints, yoga and lifting weights, to walking. Remember when you were a kid, how great it felt when you were free to move and play as you wanted? The article here provides insight on how you can enhance a form of physical activity: a strength training workout. A big purported lesson is about being present in the moment to focus on living in your body through awareness and consciousness. This provides an added benefit to yourself not only physically, but through a connection of your full self for the optimal performance outcome and experience, via Body, Mind, and Spirit to reassemble any disconnections from these three. As a practical matter, less time is needed for strength training due to fewer repetitions and sets, giving you the option to open yourself to other forms of living: visiting your loved ones, going to an art festival, or having a casual get-together with friends, to name a few. This idea can extend even further to keeping your focus on all that you do. Finding a way to connect to yourself above and beyond the physical level through the intelligence of your own body moves You to your Best Being! We trust this may be a new thought to integrate into your workout and life to connect You at various levels. If it’s not new to you, may this serve as a catalyst for your own new discovery for a solution to You.Better!

YOU.Better! Studio

We work with you and have many energy and connection modality answers such as Personal and Group Training, Nutrition, Reiki and Meditation, Energy, and Chakra strengthening regimens to maintain, enhance, or rehabilitate energy, and Life and Career Coaching for You.Better! Email us at info@youbetterstudio, call us at 414-939-4996. You are also encouraged to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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