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Straight Talk: Think Differently and Indigenously About Spine Health YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View,

We came across an article that we felt was worth sharing, as an opportunity to “think differently”. There is a parallel to exercising your mind as you do your body. Basically, a mind that is active and open to attracting new ideas is one that exercises the brain and avoids the pitfalls of aging. Therefore, it is a great catalyst to becoming an independent, critical thinker, which helps you make the best decisions for your health and longevity. One important aspect to YOU is your spine health. The spine is an integral part of the anatomy for both mind and body: just think about the last time you felt debilitated by a back ache.

This article provides a different perspective on spine health through a review of our ancestors’ physical characteristics and clues they can provide for our daily lives. The article astutely clarifies that there is no ideally shaped spine. However, it is bold enough to open us up to observations and put them into practice. The article also wisely points out that the end result is not the goal, rather, it is the journey and exploration you take to get there. In our practice as trainers and coaches, we do see weak abdominal muscles and spines that have developed into interesting shapes based on individual living practices. Remember, your spine adapts over time to what you provide it or how you neglect it.

Many clients find movements that correct posture and strengthen abdominal muscles open them up to greater functionality and prepare them for a higher level of strength training--all of which leads them to a path to living more fully with less pain and deformity. We trust you will enjoy focusing on finding the value of a new idea to connect your mind and body. If it’s not new to you, may this serve as a catalyst for your own new discovery for a solution to YOU. Better!

YOU. Better! Studio has many energy modality answers such as Personal and Group Training, Nutrition, Reiki and Meditation, Energy, and Chakra strengthening regimens to maintain, enhance, or rehabilitate energy, and Life and Career Coaching for You. Better! Email us at info@youbetterstudio, call us at 414-939-4996. You are also encouraged to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Innovatively Ignited For Life by Energy! YOU are worth it!

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