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A Big KISS for 2020 - 3 Intentions For Change

KISS Keep it Super Simple

The road to good intentions is not one without potholes. One way to avoid them is to KISS them. KISS is an acronym for Keep It Short and Simple or, as some know it: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” While on the surface this may seem to imply stupidity, it is quite the contrary. The simplicity of the design is usually associated with intelligent design systems that hinder complexity, system failures, or other issues leading to what we earlier called “potholes. For purposes here, we will use it for “Keep it SUPER Simple-K.I.S.S.”

1) KISS – Gap Analysis

A Quick gap analysis is generally where you recognize a Need(s) or Better Condition(s). Go ahead and write them down or place them in your phone notes. Don’t overthink it, just write the first thing or things that comes to mind. Narrow it down to your top 3-5. Then pick one to work on each day. It can even be the same one each day for an extended period of time. While a current belief circulating is, that behavioral change can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks, there may not be

KISS - pick one thing to work on and do it

any real evidence for this. Of course, this also depends on what the habit is, how ingrained it is, and how one responds to change. Therefore, give yourself some time for consistency and practice to normalize the behavior as part of your regular routine. Once confidence is built, begin the next one for the amount of time needed. This also helps to disperse the intensity level of change and how you respond to it. In the end, you will find yourself facilitating the success level of making the change.

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies for moving yourself forward. A common procrastination mindset is perfectionism, especially the tendency to do “just one more thing” before getting started with a new task. Be sure not to overthink this. Most of us know what needs to be done, it’s the actual “doing it”, putting it into action on a habitual basis, where it falters.

2) KISS – Positive Mantra

Mantra - positivity is an energy exchange

Keep it simple but be specific with your intention. Giving yourself a mantra, or affirmation can help you Keep the vibe positive—you are attracting positive thoughts toward you with your mantra. Also, ask yourself: “What is the easiest way to push the ‘go/do’ button?” Don’t get stuck in thinking about everything you should and/or could do. Again, don’t overthink; keep your intentions in your mind. Actually put it into action and execute. Like Nike says: Do it! Positivity is an energy exchange from mind-to-body and body-to-mind. What you do and think produces the outcomes you’re looking for. This will be important when all is not going well. Align yourself back with the truth of what your trying to change or manifest and you’ll find that an adjustment is just around the corner.

Keep positive. Key to success.

Beating yourself up for past errors can rob you of your positivity, so start from where you are and keep moving ahead. This is also true for your success. Don’t use them (your errors) as a reason to justify non-growth – this keeps you stuck in a cycle or pattern. There is always more expansion and stretch for the human race to grow positively. Things that are not growing are generally stuck and/or shrinking to decay.

3) KISS – Journey Planning

Remember, generally, it is not a race unless it is something that is an acute or immediate need. Keeping it simple, taking

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

one step at a time and practicing consistently can make all the difference in the world. Also, know that potholes can always appear--even when you plan on encountering them. Keep your eye on the prize even if you experience “derailment.” Keep it temporary by filling the pothole back up so you can continue your journey by making good decisions in your “now” moment. Basically, expect the unexpected; dust yourself off and keep on going!

One research study found that falling off the wagon does not have to impact your success. While you are looking for an outcome, remember you have embarked on a journey to first reach the goal. It’s all done in smaller increments of decision making. One step at a time, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. If you need a little more detail for your planning or to have a template process to make your own, here is a scientific practical model for change. A further explanation of this can be found here.


Keep It Super Simple With 3 Steps:

  • Gap Analysis-Identify The New/Better Condition You Seek

  • Understand Why It Is Important

  • Go Slow and Take Your Time for a Journey to the Destination

Overall, keep moving from where you arrived and keep reaching forward. Don’t get stuck in complacency.

Keep it Super Simple

Give your life one KISS at a time!

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You’re Worth It!

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