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5 Fitness Fear Solutions and 3 Fitness Application Methods.

If you allow the outside world to dictate how you are supposed to be, you will stay stuck in a fear-based reality without training your mind-body-spirit for overall health, fitness, longevity, vitality, self-confidence, and living life. Don’t stay stuck - get out of your own way with practical solutions and methods! Overcome fear and let's stay active!

Body positive senior citizen getting fit with weights

You can feel good about getting fit by first determining you need to take action. Therefore, deciding on a change and taking steps to do something to change or improve it is Fitness Fear Solution #1 – Decision/Action. Naturally, as with any course of improvement, it is a process. One primary obstacle to successfully embarking on this venture is giving yourself excuses, which then give you a “good reason” to opt out and stay stuck where you are. One recent survey did provide some insight on how people create a story in their heads about how others will view them. You'll find more about the survey findings below.

The fact is, if you allow the outside world to dictate how you are supposed to be, you will stay stuck in a fear-based reality. This brings us to Fitness Fear Solution #2-Start Close To Home: look for a neighborhood place or a workout locale that is the opposite of a big gym. The nom du jour (or buzz word) now is “boutique” or “niche” venue. Normally, these places will have smaller sized classes or provide a specific type of training that will help you gain self-confidence in a few aspects of your health and wellness, and build body positivity, which can make a BIG impact in the effort you place to prioritize yourself.


It’s a pervasive feeling in our society. Many are worried about not being fit for all the obvious reasons—energy, health, vitality, and longevity. When 2,000 US residents were polled, it was found, that 49% of them felt intimidated by even thinking about being at a big gym. 46% had worried about potentially being judged by others, and 56% revealed fears that they would not look as fit as other gym attendees. To sum it up, their anxiety around gyms was aggravated by marketing and an increased emphasis on the use of technology. However, at the core of our humanity, we generally don’t want to feel or be inferior to others, and this extends to how we think, feel, act and look.