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What’s the Big Deal About Wearing Pants? -- YOU.Better! Studio -- Bay View, WI

I’m focusing on a different type of fitness here: Fitness of Life, Freedom and Choice. For International Women's Day 2019, I came across an article on 5 Innovations for Women's Rights, all offering more freedom, expansion, and choices for women.

Pants as innovation for Women's Empowerment

I want to focus on something that was important for me and for my life: wearing pants. I know, what’s the big deal? I’ll tell you: at the time of my adolescence and

young adulthood, if you wore skirts, you had to wear so many undergarments per the norm: panties, hose, and countless other layers of underthings. Also, bare legs were not socially acceptable (that is another story on its own, that I won't go into here).

I was not really a pink/lace/skirt-wearing person (no offense to others that are into those things. You be you). I was more of what we labeled a "tomboy" when I was only really enjoying being a free human being: running, doing cartwheels, playing kickball, touch football, soccer, softball and volleyball, etc. Wearing pants was a catalyst for me to be me; it was the freedom to do all of these things without inhibiting myself for fear of exposure. Moreover, it saved me time: Underwear? Check! Pants? Check! And… done! To live my life! (And, yes, I wore a shirt, too).

Fast forward to when I graduated with a BA in the 90's: I remember interviewing with organizations that did not allow women to wear pants. Wow! These were not companies I wanted to be a part of, so I declined them!

Fast forward to the year 2000: sitting in my first job in the health care industry, listening to a female executive talk about how she was a trailblazer because she wore pant suits to work. Almost a decade later, and wearing pants was still an issue! Thank goodness she blazed the trail, because I could wear pants at this organization without fear! During my time with this organization, a high-ranking male executive relayed how his mother always taught him to be independent and he recalled how she made “headlines” in the local newspaper for wearing pants as a teacher (to lend some perspective on the time: his mother is now a member of the centenarian club). As an independent, forward thinker, he was able to look upon this as a source of pride.

Even Hillary was the focus of ridicule because of the pant suits she immortalized! And now nearly another decade has passed.

Pant Suits Galore YOU.Better! Studio

I thank every woman for wearing something between their legs to express their freedom of choice, functionality and movement without worry of overexposure (a la Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”). And my thanks also go out to those other free-thinking men and to my grade school for being able to move with change for the better! Of course, a big “thank you” to my Mom & Dad, for not labeling me as "weird", "different" or anything else that would detract from my being me. All were able to Think Equal, Build Smart, and Innovate for Change.


Women's individual style

It’s now 2019 and I have worn pants (and shorts for that matter) as often as I like in many shades, colors, materials, and types such as wide legged, leggings, etc. I never gave much thought to it, because I thought it was normal and OK before others tried to tell me it was not.

And, if you are not a pant person, more power to you! You be you. I won't tell you that you have to wear pants!

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More Fit. More Life.

You’re Worth the Investment!

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