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New Year Internal Truth for Consideration - You.Better! Studio Quarterly, Bay View, WI

YOU.Better! Studio. More Fit. More Life.

You.Better! Studio Quarterly is an opportunity to present an idea for consideration while embarking on your journey to You.Better! The question that we’d like to pose here is this: Are you living your life or is it being lived for you by your internal programming?

  • Consideration for the New Year – Living Your Life vs. Life Being Lived for You

  • Consciousness Expansion – Can it be as simple as Internal Unknown Truth (or Untruth) and Repetition?

Here is a short introduction as to why you may be struggling. It’s something to consider and well worth 5 minutes of your time for this video. Enjoy!

Video Cliff’s Notes:

Step 1: Recognize Where You Struggle

Your subconscious programming may not support what you are trying you to do. Thus, the difficulty you are experiencing is your conscious mind trying to overwrite what is already programmed.

Step 2: Put New programs Into Your Subconscious Mind

This generally comes in the form of practice, like “fake it ‘til you make it”. Practice is the process to overwrite the unwanted. There’s truth in the phrase, “Practice makes perfect.”

YOU.Better! Studio. Sideshow Bob the Jade Plant

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