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Science-Based Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain -- YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View, WI

Denial shmenial! The following six science-based strategies will help you enjoy the season in good health without packing on the pounds.

After our Thanksgiving meals, we have moved into the month of parties and celebrations, dinner outings with colleagues, friends and families. We are being presented with many opportunities to overindulge in food. Why not resolve this now? You can use these six science-based strategies that will help you through the “December Season” without packing on the pounds. You don’t even have to count calories! (BTW: a big “Thank You” to IDEA Health & Fitness Association for the outline).

Below are the “Cliff’s Notes” for the article with a few of our additions:

1) Eat Mindfully – Consciously go in with a plan prior to attending the gathering. First, align with your best self so you don’t find yourself “faltering at the altar”. Having an adequate amount of protein prior to events provides a feeling of being sated, keeps blood sugar levels constant, thus helping to stave off any cravings. The worst case scenario is going in to a buffet after not eating all day!

2) Drink Water – Try to hydrate with your best water (well or artesian water, instead of tap water) prior to your attendance; this can put you in a much stronger starting position to make better choices. Don’t forget: the quality of water is very important.

3) Focus on Fruits & Veggies – Go raw so you can grow toward Mindful Eating and provide you with enzymes to break down this food. This also provides you with a great set-up for your other food choices. Another thought around this: think about filling your plate with “quick-exit foods”. Choose only fruits and vegetables for your plate and ditch the protein and carbs; going this route provides your digestive system an opportunity to move the ingested foods through you quicker, helping you to avoid the post-party bloat.

4) Select Smaller Plates & Cups – Eating with your eyes in this scenario provides a feeling that you have abundance vs. lack.

5) Watch Your Weight – Not letting it get out of hand this month leaves you with a stronger start to 2019! Consider using digestive enzymes to fully digest your food and/or ingesting a vinegar (slightly diluted, of course) like apple cider vinegar.

6) Get Out & Play – Increasing your Energy Output can help equalize any increase in Energy Input to neutralize the negative outcome of weight gain. See our tips for Starting a Fitness Plan.

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