Don't Be Hating! Start a Simple Fitness Plan to Build a Better Life! YOU.Better! Studio – Bay Vi

Don’t give yourself permission to put your physical health and well-being on the back burner. Your life depends on it! Here are some Simple Ideas to get you going:

Align with your physical self/Pay Yourself First

It can be said that wellness is an issue of mind over matter. But there’s a greater truth: Once you know the truth that Woman/Man does not live by mind alone, half your battle is already won! To live only in your mind without moving or executing physical activity of your body breaks down the natural vitality and health of your body. We were given bones and muscles and many other synergistic pieces of apparatus by the natural order of Life to move our bodies. If we are only using it at it bare minimum, we are not living up to the full potential of our life span for the mind-spirit-body connection. Therefore, it is imperative to find some kind of action to reinforce, regenerate, and reward what we have been given by moving it. This is about finding the time to Pay Yourself First in providing your body and essence what it needs for Life. Better to build up this reserve vs. waiting until you are forced by ailing health and diminished vitality to make a change where deconstructed energy needs to be repaired and reconnected with damaged parts.

Make a Plan/Goal/Commitment

Once you align with your physical self and understand the need for movement, be sure that you create a commitment to yourself to accomplish it. It is not necessary to train at the level of a premier athlete. However, you will feel like an accomplished life-athlete when you set goals, achieve them and have the Lifeforce to enjoy your life free from dis-ease--or disease--with those you love. If you are one who does not enjoy checklists of what you need to do, give yourself a viable, self-actualizing reason to do this, to connect with it on a daily basis. This will provide your motivation if “you-yourself” and living a healthy life is not motivation

enough. Don’t forget to be flexible with it and find ways to alter it when life throws some curve balls such as working overtime, traveling or just plain feeling lazy.

Add to Your Daily Routine (What you already do)

Generally, fit it in where you can. Finding Ways to add physical activity into your daily life activities is a great start. For example, while brushing your teeth, incorporate leg curls or heel raises, use getting in and out of your chair as a time for squats, or standing at your work desk to practice balancing on one leg, to name a few. Doing this helps with eliminating negative feelings and behaviors like listening to that inner voice telling you to cut out time with friends and family. Therefore, extend movement to outings with your family and friends – schedule activities that include more than watching others play sports, eating bad food, or sitting dormant in a movie theatre. You can find ways to avoid giving up time with others and still exercise. While expanding yourself to higher levels of connection to your physical self and health will require other exercise performance, this is a great start, particularly if you hate exercise, avoid it, or feel you don’t have time.


If you find trouble aligning with your physical self for exercise, it can serve you well to elicit friends or a community group to perform your exercise, share ideas and even provide support to get you on track. Otherwise, look for help with fitness professionals who can help you set your plan and get you on the right path. For example, fitness professionals can help you use your local gym membership by explaining machines and their proper use, or to develop a routine for you. As another example, Personal Training can give you individualized attention to focus on your body and its movement to perform physical activity to its fullest for health and vitality.