October is National Financial Planning Month--a great time to Reassess Your Life Fitness -- YOU.Bett

October is National Financial Planning Month. The same concepts for financial planning can equate to making sure you have a body and mind available for you and for those important to you, which is why you want the financial security in the first place. Here are a few general concepts:

Pay/Put Yourself First

Always pay yourself first with keeping yourself energized, relevant, and contributing positively to your environment and for current and future generations. This means choosing activities that contribute to your well-being and the well-being of those you call your family. This is setting a good example of what is important and directing energy toward those items and people. Sometimes paying yourself means taking time for physical activity that keeps you fit and well. From a financial perspective, the concept is the same. Paying yourself does not mean consuming and buying all you can because you can; you need to build resources for the long term. This is the same with eating right and maintaining an adequate balance of exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation for healthy longevity. To help you put yourself first, utilize free November Mondays at YOU.Better! Studio in Bay View, Wisconsin.

Gauge your Fitness

Do you have a plan or goal for keeping your mind and body alive? Using financial terms, 85% minimally of your activities should be focused to keeping yourself energized, relevant and contributing positively to your current environment and the next generation. The other 15% is reserved for future use when you need it. Of course in financial terms, experts talk about reserving and investing 15% of annual income and planning on a retirement income that equates to 85% of your (realistically) desired current income (adjusting for inflation, of course).

Build Fitness/Savings