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A Body Advantage at the Cellular Level – YOU.Better! Studio – Bay View, WI

Summary: Amino Acid supplementation with L-Glutamine can be the body advantage you need.

L-Glutamine, or “Glutamine” as it is commonly known, is a vital amino acid found in your muscles, which can play an important role in your overall “body” health. While it is most associated as a supplement for body builders, everyday athletes training for their best life should also consider supplementing their diet with Glutamine. Although this amino acid is reportedly found to be plentiful in our bodies, it is also known to become depleted during times of stress, illness, injury, and the like, which can include high level strenuous exercise (such as body building) or other athletic sports performance requiring high levels of outcome.

It is worth a look to add L-Glutamine to one’s daily diet to stay ahead of the curve when seeking to achieve optimal health.

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