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Summary: Metabolic Energy Heat Rises During Warm Weather

On a recent visit to one of the wonderful lakes we have in Wisconsin, my traveling companion and I came across a couple who felt the heat of the 85-90 degree weather while they were hiking. They were unable to make the trek back to their car, because one of them was in the throes of “overheating”. Hence, they were looking for a ride to their car, which was about a 10 minute drive away—and, of course, much longer if walking—while their core body temperatures had risen and they did not have access to water. Happily, we were able to drive them to their destination to keep them safe from any further harm. The air conditioning of the car and water we provided helped the rehabilitation process.

This got me thinking about prior blog posts about keeping good body sense. This includes appropriately planning for the task ahead given your current physical factors as well as environmental factors. Remember, while you are engaged in physical activity, your body responds appropriately and your body produces energy at a rapidly increasing rate. Therefore, your body responds in kind by increasing the rate at which you are generating heat. This circular progression, also known as the metabolic process, ultimately means a large rise in body temperature when engaged in physical activity. The more exertion, use of large muscle groups, weather conditions, and other energy factors (or, the lack thereof): physical condition, nutrition, hydration, etc., influence how well you respond. Of course, keeping yourself in good physical condition on a regular basis—meaning you have been practicing the good production of energy for your body to perform life activities—is a way to ensure your metabolic process is firing on all cylinders.

Please be sure to be an energy producer to keep yourself in optimal Life Mode. Minimally, keep yourself safe while in warm weather. Do not become one of the CDC’s reported 618 weather-related deaths in the US each year that occur due to extreme heat, particularly when it is preventable.

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